Chris Page

Owner Three Blind Mice/Jelly


Debbie was a valuable member of the Three Blind Mice and Jelly team for many years - she reacts to challenges with enthusiasm and gusto and her little black book has proved to be an invaluable asset to the business should any project arrive that was a little out of our comfort zone. 
She knows her way round a client meeting and brief and is a great 'voice of reason' to have on your side throughout a production should clients need a helping hand to reassure them that things are going to stay on brief and on time - an invaluable asset should things ever get ‘sticky'. 
If you need someone to nurse a production to a succesful fruition and hold the client's hand throughout then I suggest you let her help you out.

Catherine Marshall

Communications Director at Fourth Ltd

I have worked with Debbie at Jelly for three years to produce animations & edits highlighting the power of our technology solutions for the hospitality sector.
She holds our hands throughout the complex production process, advising on every aspect to ensure the end result is super-compelling & on brief for both EMEA & the US: animation style, optimum script content & length, tone of voice, recommending the best voice-overs, the most suitable music - ie all the key components I need help with.
She is a strong, confident leader, bringing together all the constituent parts on time and on budget and, most importantly, I trust her advice totally.

Martin Lambie-Nairn

Creative Director, MLN

Debbie was a senior producer in the television department at Lambie-Nairn. I was the Chairman and Creative Director.

The one thing that all we creative people needed was experienced and confident producers. Debbie was, and remains such a person. 

She is organised, forthright, and focused on getting the job done right. She brings energy and fun to every team and instills confidence in her clients because she is across all the requirements and is a delight to work with.

Sally Forsyth-Spark 

Managing/Client Services Director at Point 6 Design

I've worked with Debbie on many TV projects over the years (in my role as client), and she was always the epitome of professionalism, with a can-do attitude and nothing fazed her. 

Working with Debbie is a pleasure; she'll keep you looking like a calm swan while she's doing all frantic paddling below the surface to keep everything on course (and, obviously, on budget)! 

Nick Angell

Managing Director, Angell Sound


Debbie and I go back more years than I would care to mention, but over the huge amount of time we have known and worked with each other I have known her to be very diligent, highly professional and an all round pleasure to work with. If she's looking after your next production, you're definitely in very safe hands.